How to Setup Yoast SEO Plugin (Step by Step with Images)

How to Setup the Yoast Plugin in WordPress. If you are searching for a blog to Install and setup Yoast SEO plugin then you are in right place.

Setup Yoast SEO Plugin

In this article I providing How to setup Yoast SEO Step by Step with Images.

Let’s get started Before you start Configuration you need a Website. If You don’t know how to create a Blogging website then you can read this article.

How to Create a Blogging Website.


A Guide To Install the Yoast SEO Plugin:


First, you need a Plugin. that is called Yoast SEO, It is a very popular plugin for on-page SEO. Millions of bloggers using this Yoast plugin for on-page optimization of our blog, and Rank our blog post on Google Search.


There are two types of methods to install the Yoast plugin on our WordPress website.

Frist method Download the Yoast SEO plugin, then upload manually on our WordPress website.

You can see below the images, How to Install Yoast plugin manually in our WordPress website.


Setup Yoast SEO Plugin

Go to our WordPress dashboard.



Setup Yoast SEO

In a left Site of our dashboard, you can see the plugin section.

Click on Plugin then add new.



upload Yoast Plugin

now you can see upload option on our plugin page.



Setup Yoast SEO Plugin

Choose file and find your plugin folder where you Downloaded plugin, then Click on install.



now you can see on your left side of dashboard your Plugin is installed on our site.



and the Second method Go to WordPress Dashboard then left side you can see plugin section click on plugin then add new.

you can see the images

after add new you can see a search box to find out Yoast plugin



Type Yoast SEO Plugin

just type Yoast SEO in the search box.

after type Yoast you can see Yoast SEO plugin by Team Yoast, just simply click on install then Active.

congratulations your Plugin is now active.


Configuration Guide For Yoast SEO Plugin:


I previously do all the best settings for SEO, you can see below the images and copy these settings.


Go to General, then click on Features

Go to General, then click on Features.

Here you can do all the settings as same, and you can see an option like XML sitemap but you can see in my case I turn off it.

because I use another plugin for creating an XML sitemap, it’s your choice you can create our blog sitemap from here and another one is installing the Google XML sitemap plugin for creating a sitemap for our blog.


Click on Search Appearance then go general tab, Fill our Homepage Title and Meta description. this is an example of my Homepage Title and Description of those show on google search.


now move on Content-Type Do same it.



In Media, we recommend you set this Yes



Taxonomies Tab

In Taxonomies Tab click No to show categories in the search result because it’s not value in google search, it’s for your page navigation also, do it for Tags.


Archives Tab

Archives Tab, it’s your choice Disabled it or Enabled it.


Congratulation now you have Setup the Yoast SEO plugin, now you can start writing your blog post and start optimizing your blog.

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